Tom’s HPLP

Tom’s High Performance Leadership Project (HPLP)

Thirty years ago Tom Ware attended a Toastmasters meeting and heard a Toastmaster speak on the 70th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Thirty years on, on the eve of the centenary of that fateful event, Tom ‘Prince of Storytellers’ Ware, presented Titanic – A Night to Remember  at the Blacktown Workers Club on 13th April 2012.

April the 13th 2012 marked the Eve of the Centenary of that greatest of all sea stories, the sinking of the RMS Titanic on her maiden voyage. Tom has told this story to many audiences over many years. So it was only natural for Tom to jump at the opportunity to present this exciting story a 100 years after the event to an audience of Toastmasters and the wider community on Friday 13th April 2012. Tom  coordinated this event as part of his High Performance Leadership Project (HPLP) with a guidance committee and an action team. In many ways this is a HIGHER Performance Leadership Project.

Tom, now an ACG, ALB, joined his first Toastmaster Club in May 1972. He did his first speaking assignment outside of the Toastmasters environment in 1982. It was then a requirement. Members had to give five speeches outside a Toastmaster Club to become an ATM. He achieved this. He also found that he loved going outside so much that’s he’s kept it up ever since. Today, Tom has given around 750 presentations to approximately 43,000 people outside of Toastmasters.

Now a recognized Master Storyteller, it follows that Tom’s HPLP was designed to challenge and develop him as a leader – A truly HIGHER Performance Leadership Project.

Tom’s vision is that by challenging himself in his own HPLP other Toastmasters will be encouraged to Dream Big and Achieve Big in their own HPLP and so bring the benefits of Toastmasters to more people. Tom’s HPLP has showcased Toastmasters – WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE