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Tom Ware – Prince of Storytellers

Tom Ware ATM-G ALB joined his first Public Speaking Club, Toastmasters, in 1972.  As an entertaining speaker and creative writer now living in Sydney, Australia, Tom is a frequent speaker at Probus, National Seniors, Rotary and many other charitable and social organizations.  Known as the Prince of Storytellers, one Probus club has invited him back no fewer than thirteen times and it is commonplace for him to be invited back again and again.

Tom’s audiences have included a Royal Australian Army Battalion, the Returned Services League’s Legatees, the Australian Masters Mariner’s Association and many more such prestigious groups.   With around a thousand presentations behind him, Tom is a proven performer.

Tom was born in London, U.K  in 1936 and migrated to Australia with his family in 1951.  He has been a postal worker, sailor, air-ground radio operator, and a police radio operator.   He’s also been a truck driver, foundry laborer, worked in electrical supply, been a laboratory assistant, clerk and even an Antarctic expeditioner.


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