Become a storyteller

How to become a good storyteller.

I have already published quite a bit of information on how, in my opinion, one can become a good storyteller.   You will find some of this information on my Hubpages site.  That is by going into and, once in the site, going to the search box and typing in Storytelling Tips or any of those Hubs which pertain to storytelling.

There are also many Hubs there on public speaking generally.  These can be accessed by typing: Speaking Tips, into the search box.

That’s one way to do it.   Another is go visit the District 70 website: and, once in there, to go into Resources for Speakers.  I have a book in there called, The Raconteur - Speaking to Entertain.   You are free to download this for your own use.

To actually start a blog which deals only with storytelling on this site would involve ongoing posts.   If readers want same, then I will certainly give that consideration.

Keep smiling and remember, if it starts with, “Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a land far away,” you can rest assured, what comes next will be a story.

Tom Ware Prince of Storytellers

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